Make a high-standard floor drain , how many working procedure does need? 17 processes to go!


1.Material selection: the product uses standard HPB59-1 brass raw material, has good mechanical properties, can withstand hot and cold pressure processing, high hardness and good plasticity, stability and texture better than stainless steel products


2.Cutting: Cut the copper bar into copper ingot with same size


3.Forging: 630 tons of CNC electric screw press (J58K-630) is used for hot forging of blank, forming at a time, so that the forging precision is high, the material density of parts, guarantee the density and uniformity of floor drain structure, physical properties and corrosion resistance have been improved exponentially, to achieve no deformation, a lifetime of use.


4.Shape:mechanical correction product edge is straight or not.


5.Cutting edge: remove raw edge material


6. Shot blasting: remove surface oxide and other impurities to improve appearance quality, enhance fatigue fracture resistance, prevent fatigue failure, plastic deformation and brittle fracture, improve fatigue life


7. Turning: turning the rotating Processed products with a turning tool to ensure the position accuracy of the machining surface of the Processed products


8.Milling edge: the blank is fixed through milling processing, and the high speed rotating milling cutter goes on the blank to cut out the required shape and features


9.Inner  wall carving: make the inner groove of floor drain body fine without saw tooth, and the bottom surface is smooth and clear.


10.pattern carving: round design around the panel, without cutting hands, the edge of the panel is refined, so that the decorative pattern has a
three-dimensional sense


11.polishing: initial polishing of the product surface through abrasive belt grinding to reduce the surface roughness of the floor drain


12. precision polishing: through the wind wheel polishing is to get a smooth surface or mirror luster for the purpose, the high-speed rotating polishing wheel (circumferential speed of more than 20 m/s) pressure to the Processed products, so that the abrasive surface of the Processed products rolling and micro cutting, so as to obtain bright processed surface, making the product details exquisite.


13.Electroplating: product electroplating grade of 10 μ, in strict accordance with the mirror requirements of the standard processing, 5 layers of electroplating to make the product surface gloss delicate


14.Salt spray test: all products are tested 24 hours neutral salt spray before leaving the factory


15. Inspection: from raw material inspection, blank inspection, finishing inspection, polishing inspection, coating inspection, final inspection to ensure product excellence


16. Marking: Laser logo, laser engraving, anti-counterfeiting trademark, authentic guarantee, please look for FENGCAI peak trademark


17. Packing: high strength and thick imported craft paper, flexible and strong


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Post time: Apr-07-2022